These Are The Habits Of A Happy Couple Which Will Improve Your Relationship!

At the start of every relationship, couples experience a thrill that only new partners feel. Keeping that thrill alive takes plenty of hard work because as time goes by, everything you do together becomes a routine that you get used to.

However, there are certain tips which you can follow to keep that spark between you and your partner alive.

Dr. Mark Goulstonan international speaker and author of numerous best-selling books, shared a few ways on how you can continue being a happy couple.


1. Going to sleep at the same time
Happy couples always go to sleep at the same time, as if their body clocks are in tune with each other. Even though one wakes up earlier than the other, sleeping during the same hour promotes a healthier relationship due to the touching of the skin.
2. Improve your common interests
Even if you find out that you and your partner only have a few interests in common, you can always develop new hobbies which you can do with each other as a past time.
3. Hold hands while walking
Walking comfortably with your partner in a public place, while holding hands, will make you feel the strength of your connection. It can also remind the both of you that you are happily in love with each other.
4. Learn to trust and forgive each other at all times
This is an obvious action for happy couples. Instead of being unforgiving to your partner, you should instead choose to show compassion and love whenever the two of you are arguing.
5. Turn your attention on the things they do right
Focus on the right instead of the wrong. Couples who notice their partner’s strengths instead of their weaknesses tend to have a happier and stronger relationship.
6. Give them a hug every time you see each other
The skin can remember the feeling of touch. Hugging sends feelings of euphoria to the brain thus making you a happier couple if you do this often.
7. Always make it a point to say ‘I love you’
Obviously, showing you love your partner is good but saying it to them is even better. The more they are aware that you love them, the happier the two of you will be.
8. Say ‘good night’ to each other before going to sleep despite being in the middle of an argument
Even though the two of you have been fighting, saying good night before going to sleep lets them know that you are still willing to resolve everything in the morning.
9. Ask about how their day is going from time to time
Showing concern to your partner should be done from time to time during the day. If they feel that you are truly worried or want to be involved with their activities, then they will feel loved which would result to a happier relationship.
10. Flaunt your partner especially in public
Nothing feels better than when your partner shows you how proud he or she is of you. Showing off each other in public can give your partner the impression that he or she is for keeps and that you wouldn’t want to let each other go.

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