real relationship

Real relationship it’s like an exam always has test papers. It’s not about how much you say I love you it’s about how much prove that’s true. It’s about how you understand each other’s.

It’s not base on how you look or what your face look is because if the person loves you truly he or she can accept you completely.

real relationship it’s about to hold your relationship understand your partner and always finds a time no matter how busy you are because if you miss her or him there’s no excuses.

No matter how far your love one distance is not a problem if the two people truly in love they always finds a way and they can want the right time to meet each other.

Love is about patient, respect, loyalty, and most of trust. If you love each other no cheating No lies be loyal be stick to one.

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being in a relationship is not about kissing, dates, taking a pictures or showing off. its about being with the person who makes happy.

True relationship is that .when two beating hearts naturally get connected in an eternal frequency by passing all the modern electronic gadgets in apps, they feel each other, they miss each other and they never want to lose each other for anything and become priceless to each other .

Being truly loved by someone is a true heaven. And that feel is above everything and boundless and can be painful sometimes.

It’s worse when we don’t know how to forgive and move on, if you really are in love, you will forgive.

Real love is real when one can forgive the other and if you are in a relationship you must love each other no more cheating and don’t you dare hurt each other.

You must strong when you are in a relationship and sometimes it hurt but you try to move on

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A True relationship means standing by your man or your woman and to always is there for each other no matter what happens and always standing strong together through the good and bad times.


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