Relationship Reality


Friends, girlfriend, or boyfriend – all deserve healthy relationships.





Are you kind and caring towards your friends, girlfriend or boyfriends? If we can be kind and expand our circle of who we care about, we can create compassionate, peaceful communities free from violence. We have to care enough to create a better world.



Are you accepted for who you are? No one should pressure you into doing things you are not comfortable with such as drinking, drugs, or unwanted physical contact.


Do your friends care for you and want what is best for you? Your friends should understand if you can’t hang out because you have to study or if you have plans with other friends.



Do you pretend to like something you don’t or be someone you aren’t? Be yourself; after all, being an individual is what makes you, you!



Do you have an equal say in relationships and put equal effort into the relationship? From the activities you do together to the friends you hang out with, you should have equal say in the choices made in relationships.



Do your friends or girlfriend or boyfriend accept you for who you really are? You shouldn’t have to change who you are, or compromise your beliefs to make someone like you. Celebrate each other’s differences!



Do you talk face to face (nt jst txt) about your feelings? Listen to one another and hear each other out. Text or Facebook messages should be respectful, not mean or inappropriate.


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Are you always honest? Honesty builds trust. You can’t have a healthy relationship without trust! If you have ever caught your friend or boyfriend or girlfriend in a huge lie, you know that it takes time to rebuild trust.




Do you trust one another to have your own space, friends, and activities? Trust is important foundation in any relationship.



Are you present each moment of the day? It’s being present with one another – really seeing and hearing the other person – caring, and listening that makes relationships real.



Do you stand up to injustice where ever you see it? We need relationships and communities where everyone has the same opportunities and no one is oppressed or discriminated against.



Are your relationships fun? Laughing at the little things and enjoying time together, that’s what makes relationships real.


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Are you always honest with your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs? It’s good to be open about who you are when you are in a relationship.


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Are you responsible enough to communicate and respect your friends, girlfriend, or boyfriends boundaries? Do you love yourself and have the confidence to be yourself? It’s important that you don’t let relationships define you.


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